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"We're Experts at Getting Apps Approved by Apple"

Anyone that wants to get an app in the iTunes store has at least heard that Apple has to approve an app before it becomes listed and available. And most of those people have heard that not all apps are approved. So there are more and more developer web sites making claims and statements like "We're experts at getting Apps approved by Apple". Those statements are very appealing, yet they are very preposterous too. Here's why:

The End of the Internet!

It's true. The end of the Internet is coming.

Well... the Internet as we've come to know it these last 15 years has begun to undergo a massive fundamental change. Just like telephony changed from a centralized system with rigid functionality to a multifaceted "open" system with all kinds of variant ways to make

Does app platform really matter?

Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, and Nokia Symbian. Develop an app for all those platforms and you've pretty much covered the world of phone apps. But is it really necessary to have an app on every platform? Isn't the iPhone the hottest most popular phone in the world?


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