The way that you use digital devices is just not natural.

The keyboard, mouse, touch screen, trackpad, stylus, bar code, QR code, etc. are all artificial means for humans to communicate with or via digital equipment. They all represent technology breakthroughs for their time, but their time is fading.

Natural human communication mostly involves voice, facial expressions, and freehand gestures. Technology has been unable to do much to understand those forms of communication, but that is going to change if we have anything to say about it.

SPIA's boldest initiative ever, is to revolutionize the man-machine interface with HUI™ (Humanized User Interface™).

HUI™ is our ongoing development project that combines voice, face, object, and gesture recognition, voice inflection, synthesized speech, artificial intelligence, and environment/context to replicate human to human interaction in human to device situations.

It's a huge project, but we're working at it to take the fiction out of sc-fi and make it real and practical for people and businesses that need to exchange information and thoughts efficiently.

In addition to our work, bits and pieces of these technologies are being developed around the world as part of a movement called NUI (Natural User Interface). We're learning from others, integrating some of their discoveries, building out the missing areas, and steadily making progress. Yet, we're not waiting for a finished HUI™ platform to take advantage of our gains, we're integrating the advances we make into projects we undertake, right now.

Our ultimate goal is to make the digital and electronic crutches (mentioned above) that we all now use to interact with devices, obsolete. When our work is complete, your tablet, mobile device, computer, digital sign, or whatever, will be as easy to converse with as it is with your best friend and hopefully as enjoyable.

Humanized User Interface™is a SPIA Labs project, but we are open to collaboration with researchers, universities, and other companies that want to advance these goals. If that's you, reach out to us.



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SPIA is a 2012 UX Award Winner!