NUI Central - NY/NJ Meetup "The UX of NUI"

Join us August 19 for a presentation of "The UX of NUI" at the NUI Central NY/NJ Meetup in NYC.

UX professionals, developers, marketers, etc. interested in creating for NUI must be up-to-date on new technologies and trends in order to shape products and services that reach people in a world of technological and media flux. The transition from desktop software to web sites/web apps and again to mobile phones and tablets has been challenging enough. Now, with natural user interfaces (NUI) (ie, Kinect, Siri, Google Voice Search, eye tracking, facial recognition, etc.) on the cusp of popular acceptance and expanded integration into digital and physical products, a whole new challenge is before us. In fact, the UI of NUI is so unique that present day UX tools, approaches, and thinking, may need a complete overhaul. Rather than shy away from radical change, this is a pivotal opportunity for everyone from various disciplines to come together and explore this new, exciting world of human/machine interaction.


This conversation is the launching point for all those interested in NUI to develop NUI best practices by examining where NUI is today, where it's headed, what kinds of powerful tools it offers, and how we can harness it to develop new archetypes for useful/desirable UX!


It's FREE for members of NUI Central - NY/NJ so join the group and to register, head over to


SPIA is a 2012 UX Award Winner!